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Mrs. Wiesława Drozdowska has undergone her metamorphosis together with her twin sister Barbara Długokęcka. Her life was really stressfull. Lost of one of her sons left a mark on her permanently. Mrs. Wiesława always put the needs of others over her own. She provided help before anyone could ask for it. She thought about her children first and put her needs aside. Her niece wrote to us:
Now, at last, when the offspring have “flown out of the mother’s nest”, it would be good if she did something for herself, once in her life took care of herself as she deserves “.

Treatments performed at Elektoralna Dental Clinic:

  • CBCT
  • hygienization
  • periodontal treatment using the method of Dr. Kiworkowa
  • conservative treatment
  • endodontic treatment as a preparation for prosthetic treatment
  • overlay whitening
  • correction of the shape of rotated teeth by aesthetic composite restorations in the upper section and elimination of vertical discoloration on incisal teeth in the maxilla

Lower teeth prosthetics:

  • porcelain crowns and skeletal denture with latches,
  • aesthetic superstructure of pathologically worn incisal edges