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    Whitening is not enoughDream about snow white smile can be trueFAQ

    Whoever invented teeth whitening deserves a Nobel Prize

    The stars shine the brightest and that is why every trend starts from them. They know that a beautiful smile makes a stronger impression than perfect make-up, hair style or elaborate outfit. It is said that in their world no career is possible without talent and Hollywood smile. One of the most popular, most fashionable and quickest aesthetic dentistry procedures is teeth whitening. This procedure will make your face take on a new brilliance.
    Everything started a long, long time ago in the Roman Empire…It was there, in the 1st century CE that various procedures aimed at lightening dark colours were performed. Later the evolution of this procedure took hundreds of years in many countries up until the 20th century, when specialists developed safe methods of whitening teeth both at dentist’s surgeries and at home.
    And because everything comes from the stars, similarly the snow-white smile came into fashion and entered the streets. More and more people impress with their Hollywood smile. Don’t we all want to look like stars?
    Whitening methods we devide to:
    1. Home whitening system
    – Nite White
    Teeth whitening with home methods is performer by the patients himself at home, under the supervision of a dentist. Depending on the concetntration of the gel it can be use night or day.
    Step by step
    – first step is to take impressions to made individual whitening splints, which are made in a prosthetic laboratory
    – after receiving the splints, doctor checks whether they fir properly and cover all the tooth surfaces. During the visit, the patient received a tooth whitening gel and detailed indtructions on how to use the gel.
    Depending on the tooth discolor discoloration, an individual treatment time is recommended, which may last from 7 to 14 days. In the case of post-antibiotic discoloration, the treatment time may be extended to 3 weeks.
    After the treatment, the teeth should be polished, it is sometimes beneficial to use a special product, so-called ″ Artificial enamel ″. Splint whitening is used in the case of entire dental arches, groups of teeth, as well as individual teeth, e.g. canines.

    2. in-office whitening systems
    In-office techniques are treatments performed in a dentist’s office during one visit. It is possible thanks to the use of modern technology, which uses cold blue light, which activates the whitening gel, thus accelerating the oxidation processes, and thus the whitening effect. The duration of the procedure is on average 60 to 120 minutes. After this time, it is possible to evaluate the results obtained. Elektoralna Dental Clinic in Warsaw uses the newest generation in-office whitening system.

    This system distinguished by the possibility of using it in patients with tooth hypersensitivity who had to give up in-office whitening. The combination of cold blue light with a very low concentration of whitening gel is a success. Lamp whitening is applied to the entire dental arches for patients who expect immediate results.
    Dead teeth whitening
    It is a procedure performed in a dentist’s office, the number of visits depends on the degree of tooth discoloration and on average ranges from 2 to 4 visits with a few days’ interval. Before the procedure, radiographs are taken to assess the performed root canal treatment and its tightness. Then the whitening preparation is applied to the center of the tooth, temporary fillings are placed during the whitening process. After the treatment is completed and satisfactory results are achieved, a permanent filling is assumed. Internal whitening is also used in patients who have discolored the root part of the tooth in the cervical area, which made it impossible to make highly aesthetic porcelain crowns, especially in the anterior region. Mainly incisors are subject to internal whitening.
    Enjoy a great white smile
    In order to maintain the results of teeth whitening, regardless of the method, several rules should be followed:
    – for two weeks, avoiding liquids and foods that dye strongly, such as coca cola, strong coffee or red wine
    – compliance with the rules of dental hygiene
    – regular professional tooth cleaning
    – using whitening toothpastes and rinses

    Whitening is not enough
    The dentists at Elektoralna Dental Clinic are based on the principle of openness and loyalty to our patients, therefore we would like to draw your attention to the fact that professional teeth whitening alone will not provide us with 100% satisfaction if we have other oral problems. In order for our smile to delight, it is necessary to take care of it in every respect, which is why we invite you for consultations: orthodontic, prosthetic or in the field of aesthetic dentistry. There you will learn what you need to enjoy your own California smile in the shortest possible time, safetly and comfortably. Before professional teeth whitening, hygiene is necessary, i.e. professional teeth cleaning (scaling and teeth sandblasting) done by dental hygienist.

    Dream about snow white smile can be true

    At Elektoralna Dental Clinic, you can completely relax during the in-office whitening treatment with our video glasses. The whitening treatment is a procedure in the field of aesthetic dentistry, which is designed to bring our face back a snow-white smile, which in turn contributes to regaining self-confidence. Therefore, it is possible to relax during the treatment. A new thing at Elektoralna Dental Clinic are video glasses, thanks to which we can offer you watching movies or listening to relaxing music.

    1. Can everyone whiten their teeth?
    The whitening methods used at Elektoralna Dental Clinic are highly safe, but there are some limitations to their use:
    – should not be used by pregnant and lactating women, because no studies have been carried out on the effect on the developing organism;
    – teeth should not be whitened for children under the age of 14, as well as for people with a known allergy to peroxides and resins.

    2. Can all teeth be whitened?
    In the majority of cases – yes. The best candidates for teeth whitening are patients with naturally dark teeth, discoloration from coffee, strong tea, cigarettes, or genetic alterations. However, none of the whitening methods can guarantee one hundred percent success. There are cases of very strong discoloration resistant to the effects of bleaching agents, e.g. extensive post-antibiotic discoloration. However, these are not situations without a solution. The solution to the problem are ceramic veneers or prosthetic crowns that ensure an excellent aesthetic effect.

    3. Do whitening products damage teeth?
    Numerous scientific studies show that teeth whitening methods are completely harmless to tooth enamel. The structure of the hard tissues of the tooth is not weakened and the susceptibility to caries is not increased.

    4. Are there any side effects associated with whitening?
    Sometimes there may be a slight hypersensitivity of the teeth to thermal stimuli, e.g. cold, heat and reddening of the gums. However, the use of special gel eliminates this ailment forever.

    5. What to avoid when whitening teeth?
    In order not to adversely affect the teeth whitening process during the treatment, you should not:
    – smoking cigarets
    -drink coffee, strong tea, red wine, colored drinks, citrus fruits, fruit juices and medications against acidity of the stomach
    – use other whiteining products at the same time
    – drink and eat while the overlays are in mouth

    6. Do you have to replace unsightly fillings before whitening?
    Whitening products do not work with all composite fillings or prosthetic crowns. Therefore, replacing unsightly fillings before starting whitening does not always make sense. In some cases, we replace the filling before whitening. Each case is treated individually and the decision about sequence of treatments is made by the doctor. The most appropriate moment for this, with matching the whole to the new color, is the period of about 2 weeks after the end of whitening, when the final effect of the treatment is established. Before starting the treatment, it is necessary :
    – cleaning the teeth, plaque
    -filling carious cavities with makeshift material
    – replacement of leaky fillings (provisional material);
    – proper condition of periodontal tissues