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    SedationGeneral anesthesia

    At Elektoralna Dental Clinic, we often deal with patients who are very afraid of treatment. Especially for them, we have prepared a sedation treatment service with nitrogen subsidence, commonly known as laughing gas.

    This method consists in inhaling a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen in a concentration individually selected for each patient, thanks to which we feel physically relaxed, we calm down while remaining fully aware.

    Sedation is a friendly and very safe method of fighting stress and pain intolerance.

    Contrary to many opinions, dental treatment under general anesthesia is a safe procedure. Elektoralna Dental Clinic has full anesthetic facilities and is fully adapted to the requirements and recommendations related to patient safety. During general anesthesia, the patient is supervised by an anaesthesiologist and a qualified nurse. Narcosis begins with giving anesthetic drugs through a special needle inserted into the vein. Medicines are administered throughout the procedure. Patient wakes up the moment the drugs are stopped. During anesthesia, careful monitoring of the patient’s condition is carried out to avoid complications. In children case, the anesthesia is administered through a face mask in order to avoid panic related to inserting the needle. During one visit, lasting up to several hours, patient is undergoing scheduled dental treatment without stress and pain. After treatment, the patient stays in the clinic for a short time under care of an anesthesiologist. The team conducting anesthesia at Elektoralna Dental Clinic has already performer several thousand generalanesthesia for dental procedures. The patient receives information about the qualifications and preparation for dental treatment under general anesthesia during the consultation.