Root canal treatment (endodontics) is applied in cases of caries complicated by inflammation, necrosis or gangrene (disintegration) of the dental pulp.

It is unfortunately very often the last chance of saving a tooth. Endodontic treatment consists in the removal of infected or dead pulp from the pulp chamber and root canals, mechanical dilatation and disinfection of canals and tight filling of these spaces with special materials.

It sounds quite simple, but without the endodontist’s specialist knowledge and experience, the necessary equipment and a number of other factors, it becomes “mission impossible”.

Our endodontists deal with Patients referred from other clinics in order to try to save the teeth that, without the use of modern technologies, would be extracted.

At our clinic, you will only find the very best and most sophisticated dental equipment:

  • modern tools for canal preparation, both manual and mechanical (K3 ENDO, PROFILE, RC PROC, ultrasound tools);
  • Kofferdam – used to isolate saliva;
  • Endometers – RAYPEX 5, ENDOMASTER.
  • systems for filling the dental cavity (OBTURA II, SYSTEM B);
  • magnifying loupes and endodontic microscopes: CARL ZEISS and LEICA microscopes. Thanks to these devices many teeth that would otherwise be removed can now be saved. By providing an enlarged image at great big depth, a wide field of vision and very good illumination of the examined area, the microscope allows the observation of details invisible to the naked eye. The application of the microscope is of particular assistance in seeking root canal openings and in locating and removing broken canal tools. A video camera included with the set allows image transmission and recording of the procedure. The correctness of any procedure performed may be immediately verified by an X-ray taken at the scene (in the dentist’s chair) or in our X-ray laboratory