Teresa Roman

She lives near Warsaw with her husband. Recently, she also became a grandmother, of which she is very happy and proud. Mrs. Teresa wanted to help the children in caring for her grandson, but the constant headache and tinnitus completely prevented the daily care. The case of Mrs. Teresa was extremely complicated. The patient did not have side teeth, which caused abrasion of the front teeth and problems with the temporomandibular joints. After the treatment in our clinic, Teresa gained energy and strength not only to be a grandmother …

Treatments performed at Elektoralna Dental Clinic:

  • photo (photo of teeth at every stage of treatment)
  • CBCT
  • hygienization
  • diagnostics of temporomandibular joints using the Cadiax device
  • raising the occlusion by supplementing the side sections
  • conservative treatment
  • implantation of the side sections
  • prosthetic treatment