Izabella Wojciechowska

Mrs Izabela is 34 years old and works as a fitness instructor. She is mom of 2 boys. She lives in Raszyn near Warsaw, she is a very active person, working out and having an intense family and professional life. „By improving my appearance, I will become a more self-confident person and I will stop complaining to my husband about how ugly and unhappy I am” with these words she wrote to us.
Mrs. Izabela dreams of inserting a missing tooth, removing gaps and teeth whitening.

Treatments performed at Elektoralna Dental Clinic:

  • Photo (photo of teeth at every stage of treatment)
  • CBCT
  • Hygienization
  • Conservative treatment
  • Replacement of missing teeth – composite bridge reinforced with glass fiber
  • Whitening with the Zoom system in the clinic and individual overlays for home whitening
  • Aesthetic closure of gaps and reconstruction of cervical defects
  • Internal whitening of a root-canal treated tooth 12