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    Dżulietta Kiworkowa

    General dentistry specialist. A graduate of the Stawropol Medical Institute, which she obtained in 1979. In 1989 she had started working in Wojewódzkie Centrum Stomatologii (Voicodeship Dental Center), where she had worked for ten years. She completed the 1st degree specialization in general dentistry and opened her own medical practice. Charity work occupies a special place in her heart. In 2005, together with her daughter Emma Kiworkowa-Rączkowska, MD, PhD, she started the Elektoralna Dzieciom Foundation. In 2012 she change into Wiewiórki Julki foundation. On March 23rd 2012, she joined the members of „Międzynarodowa Kapituła Orderu Usmiechu”. She participates in many symposia and conferences in all fields of dentistry.