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Her life’s not a bed of roses. Since the divorce, she has not been able to make a life for herself. Until now, she had no desire to change, she considered herself as unattractive person. She has 22- year old daughter, but lives alone. By applying to the program, she wanted to change her life and give herself a chance to find happiness.

Treatments performed at Elektoralna Dental Clinic:

  • CBCT
  • hygienization
  • relaxation splint designed to relax the masticatory muscles and adapt to the new occlusal height
  • tooth whitening by Zoom system
  • final lifting of the occlusion by direct composite reconstruction of all teeth in the mandible
  • fillings of single interdental gaps in the side sections with adhesive composite Bridges
  • closing gaps in the anterior part of the mandible
  • aesthetic shaping of the gingival garland and elongation of clinical crowns of the upper incisors by gingival coagulation
  • aesthetic extension of the incisors and canines in the maxilla with the use of composite veneers