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Mrs. Basia’s daughter is a huge fan of Metamorphoses. Inspired by the changes of the program participants, she decided to change her mother’s life. Thanks to her determination, today we can see the transformation of Mrs. Barbara Długokęcka. The life of our participant was not the easiest.
Mrs. Barbara lost her husband, and after his death, she had to face work problems and learn to go through life without her other half. She subordinated to her family all the time, she was a “specialist” in everything: mother, housewife, accountant of a family company, electrician, foreman…
Finally she started to think about herself. Participation in the “Metamorphoses” program allowed her to believe in herself and feel beautiful again.

Treatments performed at Elektoralna Dental Clinic:

  • hygienization
  • periodontal treatment using the method of Dr. Kiworkowa
  • maximillaty sinus operation with simultaneous extraction of root debris
  • overlay whitening, NITE WHITE
  • conservative and endodontic treatment, sanation as a preparation for prosthetic treatment
  • elimination of vertical discoloration in the incisors of the maxilla


  • porcelain crowns
  • skeletal denture on latches
  • aesthetic reconstruction of pathologically worn incisal edges in the mandible